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Summary of Game


Join up with the most desirable heroines in the kingdom to save your sister from the clutches of evil and recover your rightful place as king!
Only by hooking up with these hot-blooded girls can you liberate the Divine Goddesses needed to save your kingdom. Battle and bang your way back to the royal seat of Kinky Kingdom in this thrilling hentai game.

Key Features


As the Prince of the Kinky Kingdom, you must ascend the throne after the death of your father, the King. But your ascension is put to a halt when the Dark Magician corrupts your step-sister and makes her join the dark side! Fueled by black magic, she unleashes a legion of under-realm monsters and steals the throne.




• MEET naughty heroines and level up the avatars of the goddesses to improve their god-like abilities. Unlock their sexy scenes while progressing through the story.

• TALK dirty to the girls to gain rewards and unlock additional erotic content.

• EXPERIENCE a fantastic story with each girl, freeing their lands and spreading their legs.

• COLLECT hot pictures from your vixens and the heroines. Relive the hottest moments of your adventure in the picture gallery.

• USE your vixens in this unique combination of Tower Defense and Deck Building, use magical abilities and equipment to improve your odds, and channel the power of your heroines to overcome even the mightiest foes.

• GAIN sexy outfits for each of your heroines.

• GET FREE chests by completing daily tasks and leveling up.