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A leader in the gaming industry, Nutaku Publishing has established itself on the market as a much sought-after publisher, with over 100 titles made available across multiple platforms and channels of distribution.

Equipped with industry expertise and effective tools, our aim is to support and expand the internal resources and capabilities of our partners.

Our extensive knowledge of gaming platforms allows us to provide high-quality support and resources, while our involvement in the adult gaming industry gives us the competitive advantage developers are looking for.

The adult gaming industry has proven to be a viable option for games created specifically with mature content, as well as already popular games that have adultification potential, effectively giving them a second chance at life.

Dedicated Producers

Our team of experienced F2P producers are here to guide you throughout the production process to ensure your game is commercially successful worldwide.

Creative Content Support

We source top adult talent in order to perfect the adultification of your game and help turn your ideas into high quality products.


The lifespan of every game relies on user acquisition, engagement, retention and monetization growth. Nutaku Publishing is here to ensure a long-term strategy for your game in order to unleash its full potential.

Community & Outreach

From newsletters, sales & promo coordination to Social Media support and customer service, we offer you the tools and platforms to help you get your product out there.


Providing a flawless LiveOps experience is a huge and complex task, and we are proud to have a dedicated team ready to tackle any challenge. Analyzing player behavior, keeping in touch with them, setting up in-game events, modifying game parameters – you name it, our guys can do all of these things and make it look effortless!