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Summary of Game


Through twilight, three young travelers were summoned by the goddess to Sky Island. After they opened their eyes… they saw a bunch of fairies and dragon knights staring at them…?

The latest western fantasy RPG masterpiece is here with a storyline with more than 1 million words!!



Key Features




Follow Zoe, Jacques, and Achilles, three childhood friends, as they start their adventure in Skyland, where unforeseeable encounters and obstacles await them. An adventure full of fearful enemies, powerful allies, and awakening sexual desires.

Legend has it that Vannessa, the goddess who created the world, had been slumbering in Attimilan, a village far away from the Continent of the Four Elements. However, one day, darkness rose and awakened the monsters from their slumber, driving the four elements away…




The story contains 7 chapters, covering the domains of all the different elements in Skyland. A step up from traditional RPG games, Lusty Odyssey is the perfect balance between fun mechanics and challenging levels.

You’ll have to build your teams with various elements and roles in mind, and there’s no dull moments when challenging enemies in battle.

Different stages contain different backgrounds and different types of enemies.

You can also challenge other players in the Colosseum to prove your might and climb to the top of the ranks.

With an exciting and arousing Secret system, you’re free to explore your girls’ most hidden desires.

Design your own team with all kinds of talents – fearless warriors, speedy ninjas, loving healers…you got them all! Your play style, your rules!




• 40+ sizzling hentai scenes

Progress through the game and collect Puzzle Pieces of HCGs to get the kinkiest rewards! Dragonians, Orcs, Elves – if you’ve had a fantasy about it, we’ve got it! Enjoy the most beautiful (and fappable) scenes, paired up with spicy Hscene effects!


• Over 100 diverse playable characters

Build up your team with the most expansive roster of characters!


• 7 story chapters and tons of event stories

Experience the lewdest adventure in a mysterious land. No worries, even if you finish the main stories, there’s always new girls, new romance, and new sagas coming out!


• 5 different gameplay modes

Enjoy a slew of game modes with engaging battle systems & addictive gameplay. With the newly designed Bond system, experiment with different team combinations to maximize your power!!



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Release date
August 14, 2021

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