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Summary of Game


Heavy Metal Babes is a turn-based RPG strategy game featuring classic mechanics infused with steamy H-Scenes and engaging action-packed gameplay.

Build your team of hot XEN units, command them into battle, and defeat your opponents!

Create strong bonds with your companions by using the game’s entertaining chat feature. Seduce your army of XEN units, upgrade them, and unlock their superbly drawn hentai animations.



Key Features



In a not-so-distant future, humanity has reached the very edges of the galaxy. Perfect genetically improved clones of the most beautiful women on Earth are now used in combat and exploration missions. With the unique ability to synchronize and control powerful robots, they are the ultimate AI companions.

But recently, Earth has lost communication with one of its colonies: a planet called X-69, inhabited exclusively by XEN units.

Your mission is to discover what happened there, fix the issue, and re-establish communication with the lost planet. To do that, you will join your AI companions on a crazy adventure that will have you go deep into planet exploration, battling corrupted XEN units and defeating powerful enemies.




Heavy Metal Babes can be played on browser and mobile Android. If you’re wondering about the gameplay, you can rest assured it has everything a classic turn-based RPG needs and MORE!

With a nicely crafted messaging system in place, your 1-on-1s with the characters will be much more intimate. Use the Communicator to sext, and get steamy images and hot sex scenes of the girls you command!

Your objective is to take down your enemies at all costs and recover communication with planet X-69! Defeat your ultimate nemesis, the Dark Goddess Enjoy, and enjoy engaging gameplay in which you fight your way through increasingly difficult challenges, upgrade your characters, unlock maps and get explicit 2D animated sex scenes!




Feast your eyes on Hentai artwork in the form of amazing 2D uncensored animations!

With a wide variety, going from MILFs to naughty schoolgirls to offer, Heavy Metal Babes is sure to satisfy all of your kinkiest desires.

Get to know your companions inside and out by chatting with them throughout the story. What better thing to do on a lonely planet than sexting and fucking?



21 Girls and +140 H-Scenes
Unlock hot animations with all of your sexy companions and create a dream harem with the most beautiful girls in the galaxy!

Group Sex H-Scenes
Incredible group H-scenes where you will see your girls having a lot of FUN!
Engage in spicy chats with all of your girls… AT THE SAME TIME!
Collect all of their naughty photos and unleash your wildest fantasies!

Amazing Storyline 
Travel through space with a ship full of HOT girls dying to get your attention!

Chat with girls and make them yours
Choose your words wisely and make your girls wet!

+40 Erotic animated scenes
High-quality animations with lots of sexy girls who just want to show how you HORNY they are!
Unlock crazy hentai sex scenes beyond your wildest dreams!

Challenge other players
Compete against other players and prove that your girls are the strongest and the sexiest!
Show that you are the best commander by training your sex partners and making it to the top of the league!

 • Powerful abilities
Build your dream team, put your horny girls to the task and defeat all the enemies standing in your way!
Make your girls go wild and unleash powerful attacks!

XEN Labs Challenge
Fight your way through increasingly difficult challenges, satisfy your girls and reach the top to claim your prizes!



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Release date
May 6, 2020

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