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Summary of Game


Fap Goddess is a squad-based role-playing game played from a side-scrolling perspective. In this puzzle action RPG, you’ll get to enjoy match-3 block skill controls that are straightforward but strategic, which allow you to enjoy the game while still maximizing your team’s potential.

Discover the thrilling synergies that exist amongst your insatiable goddesses, and use their abilities to swing the balance of the fight in your favor in critical junctures! Begin your naughty quest and populate your harem with seductive ladies that will fulfill all of your craziest fantasies.

Key Features


After a car accident, you open your eyes to find that you’ve been transported to an unfamiliar planet… A mystical realm protected by goddesses of lust…

Here’s the tale. At the beginning of the universe lived two twin sisters, the Sun and Moon goddesses. Together they protected the mortals in perfect harmony. Everyone adored Taiyun, the Sun Goddess who warmed the globe and nourished all life. They even composed a song of praise for Taiyun’s grace. This song infuriated Yue, the Moon Goddess. In her jealousy, Yue summoned giant Moon Devils that feed on the mortals’ negative emotions, leading to a massacre. Fear and blood controlled mortals’ souls. Tasalad was ravaged by Moon Devils. 

Taiyun led the mortals against the army of devils. When the Sun and Moon clashed in the Yin-Yang Ocean, the Swirl Abyss was formed. Neither side won the war. In her dying breath, Taiyun instructed the mortals to build a lighthouse tower and locked the Moon Devils in the Swirl Abyss. She used her last strength to create a sun crystal that now adorns the lighthouse, which keeps Moon Devils at bay as it illuminates the Yin-Yang Ocean.

Taiyun’s will was passed along to the mortals who survived. They assigned the task of defending the lighthouse tower and safeguarding the human realm to the Guardian. This task required a guy of considerable physical and mental strength. Even after a thousand years, Moon Devils can still be seen lurking at the Swirl Abyss’ edge. When the darkness approaches, the Guardian will sound the horn and summon the female warriors known as the goddesses.

Now they claim that you are the chosen one, that you are their Guardian there to protect them. The goddesses are all eagerly awaiting your command and are thirsty for your seed to serve them as a source of mana. Face evil temptresses, seduce and conquer them! Ascend to the throne of the kingdom where lewdness reigns!

Gameplay and Objectives

Create a squad of three goddesses in order to defeat other goddesses.
Gather the light energy and return it to the holy lighthouse; once you do this, an image of a goddess masturbating will appear in your mind. If you increase their affection level by offering them sex toys, you can get the goddesses to strip for you.
Have a chat with the goddesses face to face, and select the appropriate responses to reveal very steamy, uncensored, and brilliantly lewd artwork! Take part in events and unlock limited animated H-scenes!



• Relaxing Gameplay!
A new style of match-3 mechanism and side-scrolling gameplay; easy to learn and enjoy!

• Seduce Goddesses!
Chat with your goddesses and entice them, all while discovering the filthiest fetishes this cast of gorgeous women has to offer. • Interactive H-Scenes! Tease those naughty goddesses and make them feel good!

• Over 150 Gorgeous Scenes and Illustrations
Each scene is accompanied by an erotic story, each bound to make you fall more in love with each of the girls.

• A Wide Selection Of Kinks Available
Choose from Ahegao, Cumshot, Masturbating, X-ray, Foot, Anal, Customizable Blow Job, Cosplay, Exhibition, Bondage, Squirting Orgasm and more!



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Release date
October 19, 2022

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