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Summary of Game


Cum & Gun is a third person shooter where action meets pretty girls in bikinis. Through 3v3 waterpistol multiplayer ‘shootouts’, your goal is to coach a team of athletic hotties and turn them into the toughest cuties. Coming out on top takes hard work, but the girls are ready to do everything for their favorite Coach.



Key Features



In a bustling metropolis called Star City, you are a world-famous coach of a water gun team! Meet various girls with different appearances and personalities while recruiting them to your team and training them to win water gun competitions!

As water gun competitions are getting more popular, all the girls of this exclusive college dream of being the star of the school team. That works out great for you, as you’ve been asked to coach a team of gorgeous future athletes. As their trainer you will of course enjoy certain privileges, from one-on-one sessions to insights into the girls’ lives.

Each girl has her own story, and it’s up to you to build a bond with all of them. Bring together your crew of kinky hotties, get’em nice & wet and guide them to victory!




Get to know each member of your team through a very well-drawn visual novel system that allows you to unlock sex scenes where you are the main hero.

Personal training sessions will allow you to improve each girl’s stats in order to turn them into the perfect water gun wielding powerhouses. Of course, during these training sessions you can enjoy each girl’s unique personality and preference while spending quality kinky time with them. You can even take photos of them to keep a memento of your time together.

Grow your relationship with them using your charm to turn them on and get rewarded with mindblowing sex scenes with a varied range of scenarios.




• Real-time PVP and AI matches and an exciting PVE campaign

• Unique storylines for each character

• Over 30 pretty girls with 1000+ unlockable outfits

• Complex skills system and engaging battle modes

• Online coop • Professional VA and high-quality sounds



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Release date
December 06, 2021

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