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Summary of Game


Prepare to battle for glory and to reclaim the imperial capital as you recruit soldiers and wipe off Oblivion Forces. Creampire has everything you need, from gathering items and resources to commanding troops, boosting troop strength, capturing strongholds to free heroes, building infrastructure, and expanding your castle. This Kingdom is full of twists and turns and sex-crazed girls. Why don’t you jump on this ride to see for yourself?

Key Features


Play as a military leader who managed to escape the enemy’s aggressive invasion thanks to the support of his faithful retinue! The onslaught has left every living soul on this planet speechless. Garrison forces in the imperial capital have been annihilated by demon armies, and the Emperor has vanished from the capital city. A new era begins to dawn as you watch the imperial capital crumble. Thus, with Angel Kyle’s lewd guidance, you’ve resolved to drive out the Oblivion Forces invading your territory.

Now it’s up to you! The first step toward restoring the Empire and banishing all Oblivion soldiers is to build an army and establish the necessary resources and facilities. Rescue Heroes, Soldiers, and Angels to join your army! Take back what’s rightfully yours!


Your goal is to rebuild your Empire, destroy the Oblivion Forces, and rescue heroes. It is essential that you build and enhance infrastructure, resources, and facilities in your territory to restore the Empire. Strengthen your army by training and upgrading as many heroes as possible!

Win unique prizes and progress through the levels as you complete projects and assignments! You might as well take a break from time to time and enjoy some kinky time with all those beautiful women around you!

Set off on a new adventure to restore your Empire to its former glory!


• More Than 300~500 Different Gift Packs To Choose From
Packs are available in a variety of forms, including limited-time deals, tutorial packages, consecutive consumption packages, battle collar packs, monthly and weekly cards, and more!

• More Than 30 Heroines Are Waiting To Be Seduced
Each heroine has her own unique backstory and interactions. There are up to 4 different poses available for each!

• Dozens Of Lewd H-Scenes
Boost your hero relationships and hero star levels to unlock them!

• Boost Productivity And Efficiency
Make good use of speed-up items and resources to quickly improve your might. Avoid wasting Copper Coins, as they are a precious resource.

• Choose The Most Effective Hero For Combat
Each hero has a unique set of weapons and abilities, so choose wisely!

• Forge Alliances With Mighty Allies
Assist each other in combat, resource transportation, and alliance battles! You can develop cities and gain resources more quickly by working with your allies.
Together you are stronger!



Creampire is a one-of-a-kind strategy and adult game. It will gratify your sexual desires while also challenging your mind. You’ll have a great time building and personalizing your empire, while you enjoy the company of your kingdom’s most gorgeous ladies. Go on a journey with us and discover what the hype is all about.

The Nutaku Publishing team



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Release date
June 20, 2022

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