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Summary of Game


Attack on Moe is an epic hentai clicker RPG game where you assemble a small army of cute girls and guys to destroy huge monsters, and their big-chested female masters.

Who needs regular porn games when you can enjoy the sexiest online game this side of the multiverse? Immerse yourself in the world of this epic hentai clicker game!

Key Features




The arrival of giant, titan-like girls known as Moetan has wreaked havoc on the defenseless Pixel Kingdom. Only one man can stop them! That man is you, The Pink-Haired Sword Dude. You must lead the Pixel people to victory by any means necessary. Equipped only with your courage and your big sword, you make your stand on top of a mountain.

As you cut down anime girls one after another, the discouraged Pixel people will be inspired to join you. They come from hiding to aid you on the frontline in this final battle for their survival. Team up with fierce allies, capture the rampant Moetan, and turn them from foes to sex-loving friends!



Attack on Moe H can be played on browser, on mobile (Android), and even on PC. Step your clicking game up and defeat the giantesses with your huge sword. But as you grow stronger, your enemies grow more durable. They gain more health than you can possibly cut down – this is your cue to use powerful cooldowns to burst your way to the next level, where you unlock stronger Pixel heroes to aid your mission.

Your objective is to reach the highest possible level for maximum Moe Crystal rewards and unlock Moetifacts. These powerful artifacts improve your clicking damage, and your cooldowns. Click your way to steamy H-Scenes and have a huge adventure with Attack on Moe H!



Feast your eyes on this fantastic mix between pixel and traditional anime art. The game contains fully animated hentai scenes that you can unlock by reaching higher intimacy levels with the Moetans you capture. Try to capture as many girls as possible to make your wildest fantasies come true.

Are you ready? The sexy Titan Girls are waiting!




• Immerse yourself in the world of the best adventure clicker hentai game.

• Over 2000 stages and hundreds of hours of gameplay!

• Harvest Crystals, unlock Moetifacts, and hit that REBORN button to start the game all over again!

• Don’t worry about starting from scratch, the powers from your Moetifacts will make you the king of the hill again in no time!

• Clicking damage and power-up cooldowns by using Moetifacts!

• Powerful cooldowns help you climb your way to the next levels, where you can meet stronger Pixel heroes that will aid you in your quest!

• Tap/click to defeat bosses and their weirdly adorable acolytes.

• Capture the rampant titans, befriend them, and you might get lucky.

• Kinky themes: Fantasy and Magic Hentai, Pixel Art Hentai, Animated Sex, Harem.

• Offline mode available.



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Release date
November 30, 2021

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